Strength & Stability - Consultum

Professionals at a office desk.

There are not many advisers who can offer the level of continuity Aptium Financial Services provides to clients, maintaining a relationship with Apogee Financial Planning (formerly Lend Lease Financial Planning) since 1999 before transitioning to Consultum Financial Advisers in 2021.

Many clients from that time remain with us to this day – a testament to the strength of our relationship and ongoing service provided to clients. Thanks to clients referring family and friends, we develop strong bonds and an intricate knowledge of the needs of each individual. Aptium Financial Services has clients from all around Australia.

Aptium Financial Services has chosen to partner with Consultum Financial Advisers to tap in to the resources of the IOOF group which is one of Australia's largest independent financial services companies. IOOF has been helping Australians secure their financial future since 1846. Since then, IOOF has grown substantially to become a leading provider of quality financial services in Australia and more recently the New Zealand market.

As an ASX top 100 company, with more than $152.6 billion in funds under management as at 31 March 2018, administration, advice and supervision, IOOF currently service more than 650,000 customers around Australia. Some of the benefits of our partnership with Consultum include:

  • Dedicated research teams across managed and direct investments and insurance providers.
  • A team of technical experts for developing client strategies and analysis of the latest legislative changes for the benefit of our clients.
  • Compliance audits to ensure our business maintains the highest standards.
  • Stringent guidelines or 'standards' to which we must adhere to ensure quality advice is always provided to our clients.
  • Continuing education and training to ensure we remain at the forefront of industry knowledge.
  • Provision of the latest technology and software advancements for more efficient provision of advice to our clients.
  • Business development and support, including dedicated staff whose sole purpose is to assist in maintaining the efficient operation of our business in an ever-changing legislative environment.
  • Australia-wide adviser network with a willingness to share ideas and the desire to provide quality advice to clients
  • The ability for our business to remain separate from Consultum’s so that we may choose to change licensees should it be to our client's benefit.